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It can be difficult to see the wood for the trees when you are in the middle of running your own small business. However, there are some simple everyday tips that you can take on to boost productivity. In addition to making your business more efficient and freeing you up to focus on the things that truly matter, these will also go a long way towards ensuring your health and well-being.


Make full use of technology to help you save time and money


Your time is precious and wasting it will eat into your profits, so you need to ensure that you focus on what is important. Most of us will have a smartphone, but few of us actually maximise its use. Download goal-tracking apps that come with a home screen widget so that every time you pick up your phone you are reminded of the next task at hand.


Move your website, files and data sharing applications to the Cloud – this means you and your staff will be able to access your work information anywhere and from any device, so working from home rather than travelling to an office each day becomes a possibility for all staff members. Use Skype or webinars for meetings and conferences to save hours of driving and keep fuel costs down at the same time. There are Cloud solutions for every type of business activity these days, and you can encourage flexible working hours with your staff to make the most of everyone’s time, plus you won’t have to spend as much money on IT solutions or even unnecessary office space.


Invest in a good website


If you can get an experienced and proficient website designer to understand your business and build you a really good website with good Search Engine Optimisation, then the leads will come to you. You can spend less of your time marketing and pushing sales if you get your digital marketing and online presence right. There is a number of IT solutions and packages out on the market at the moment that will also help boost your productivity, so take advantage of online networking opportunities and local business support groups to ensure that you get the most effective marketing programme for your business.


Work to your personal routine and keep healthy


Working from 9 to 5 might be the norm, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a routine that works for everyone. If you are more of a lark than an owl, for example, you will get a lot more return from the energy you put in if you focus on the most testing pieces of work in the morning when you are at your best. Similarly, if you are more productive in the afternoon, then switch your work schedule around to what works best for you.


Last but not least, take good care of yourself. You’re not doing your small business any favours by being constantly unwell and unable to focus or concentrate on the work in front of you. Make sure that you’re getting enough rest, give yourself proper breaks throughout the day, and provide healthy snacks and a break area for your staff (and yourself) if you have office space. Your small business will thank you for it.

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